Friday, November 20, 2015

Hot Cocoa Challenge

After our Kitty and Cocoa party the kids wanted to do a Hot Cocoa challenge.  They love food challenges so this was the "purrfect" chance for them to take some mystery ingredients and mix it into their hot cocoa. Yummy!

If you'd like to do your own cocoa challenge at home all you need is:
paper bags for your mystery ingredients
a collection of 10-15 mystery ingredients
mugs for hot cocoa
hot cocoa
hot water
spoons for mixing
scrap paper for numbers
a bowl to put the mystery numbers in

To start things off I placed 15 mystery ingredients in paper bags and then numbered the bags.  Then I wrote numbers 1-15 on scrap pieces of paper and placed them in a bowl.  I had the kids sit down with a mug and draw numbers from the bowl and then place the corresponding ingredient from their paper bag into their mug.  Once all the bags were gone we put hot cocoa powder in their mugs with hot water and mixed it all together. Then the kids tasted their cocoa.  It was interesting to see how hard it was to taste some of the ingredients and how much other ingredients stood out. There really is no winner or looser with this challenge.  It's just fun to see what concoctions they can come up and listen to all the giggles. 

Marina: Panda Luvy
Video: Sunny Duran
Kitty ears: Sunny Duran
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