Monday, October 12, 2015

Sugar Skull coloring page

For the month of October I've been participating in "InkTober".  It's a challenge started by illustrator Jake Parker.You do one ink drawing everyday for the whole month.  I've missed a few days but I'm really proud of myself for doing most of them.  I've had fun drawing but it's been even more fun scrolling through all the drawings with the #inktober everyday and seeing the amazing illustrations and talent.  

Since it's October most of my drawings have been Halloween themed. My girls started asking me if they could color in my ink drawings and I figured why not.  Then I thought maybe others would enjoy using them as coloring pages so throughout the month I'll be posting my favorite illustrations as coloring pages. The first page is my sugar skull illustration.  I have a fascination with sugar skulls and the day of the dead.  Mostly because it's mysterious and beautiful and a little creepy. This is a flowery, girly sugar skull and it's fun to color.  

You can download and print your copy below. If you do color this I'd love to see your results.  You can post them directly to my facebook page or post on your own Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr and tag me. 

Happy Coloring!

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