Monday, October 26, 2015

Laser Tag Birthday Party

My sweet little boy isn't so little anymore.  He recently turned ten and boy do I feel old. We celebrated with a few friends and some laser tag.  You might say we had a blast. 

Getting Myles to decide what he wants to do for his birthday has always been a challenge. For months he told me he didn't want anything fancy. He just wanted a couple of friends over for a sleep over and laser tag. He specifically said he didn't want a lot of fancy decorations or "crazy" desserts. 

The week before the party as we looked at cakes online so I could decide how to decorate his cake he changed his mind. He said "Mom maybe I would like some cool desserts and fun decorations.  But don't go to a lot of trouble."  So four days before his party I started throwing things together.  Thankfully my dear friend Andrea from Paper and Pop came to my rescue with the perfect cake topper and cupcake toppers. She designs glittery beautiful cake toppers, cupcake toppers and party embellishments that are impeccably gorgeous.  I basically sent her a concept sketch and she went from there.   

Since I had so little time I tried to use things from around our house to put together the dessert table.  Our party was in the early afternoon so I decided to go with a white, blue, green and red color scheme. Due to my schedule I only had one day to shop for the party. I found some cute green and blue battery operated lights and glow sticks at Five and Below.  Five and Below is one of my favorite places to shop for party supplies, stocking suffers and small gifts. I used silver wrapping paper that I found at Walmart  to cover the table. I wanted the table to have a somewhat reflective surface and this was cheap and worked perfectly.  One roll covered the whole table. 

Since I had only one day to bake and Myles requested a homemade cake(which doesn't always happen anymore) I kept the desserts simple. I used store bought brownie bites from Walmart with a white chocolate target for the Bullseye Brownies.  The Laser Popcorn was white chocolate popcorn with a little drizzle of colored chocolate over it. The Rice Krispy targets were rice crispy treats died blue, cut into circles with a target drawn in melted red chocolate. The Oreo Laser treats were just oreo truffles drizzled with multiple colors of chocolate (yay more chocolate). 

For the party we took the boys to laser tag and let them play two games.  Then we returned back to our house for Pizza, cake and a sleep over.  The boys had a blast. 

Party styling, sweets and design: Sunny by Design
Cake topper and cupcake toppers: Paper and Pop

Purchase the laser tag printables here in my shop.

Purchase the cupcake toppers and cake topper at Paper and Pop. 

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