Monday, February 9, 2015

Panda Bubbles (Free) printable Valentine card

Valentines Day is almost here so we are scrambling in our house to get all the Valentine cards and boxes made.  I made these Panda Valentines for Mara's first grade class.  They get so much candy every year that I wanted a candy free Valentine this year. When I spotted these sweet little bubble wands at Target I knew they would be perfect for a candy free card.  I also knew that I had to make the card super cute in order to convince Mara to go candy free, because she is a candy-holic.  Which is why we went with pandas because pandas are awesome.

Panda card sheet
Card decorative paper strips
Double stick tape
Color printer
White Card stock 110 lb weight or photo paper
Mini bubble wands or pack of chewing gum

First you'll need to print the cards and decorative paper strips and cut them out. You can use mini bubble wands for these cards.  Or a pack of chewing gum fits with the bubble theme as well.

Next place a piece of double stick tape along the decorative paper strip and attach your bubbles to the card.  You could also use cute washi tape instead of the paper but I wanted these as sturdy as possible so that's why I created the paper attachments for the back. 

Don't forget to write the names on before you attach the bubbles to the card.  We did that and it made a little difficult to write.  I hope these make your Valentines prep a little bit easier and a lot of fun.  Have a pandarific Valentines day. 


Download card and back attachments here.

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