Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back to School Free Chalkboard printable signs

It's hard to believe that summer is coming to a close.  We don't go back for two more weeks but we have already started getting ready for the big event.  My kids are sad of course and I am a little bit sad too.  I'll miss the late nights, late mornings, fireworks and the lazy beach days.  There's something so special about summer that makes you not ever want it to end.  However now that I'm a parent I can't deny that school starting gets me pretty excited too.  I miss the structured sleep schedules and the early morning wake ups and the quiet house during the day.  Oh how I miss the quiet house.  Sigh. 

So while I've been getting my kids ready for back to school I've also been making these back to school signs.  The first day of school should be an exciting event.  What better way to mark the occasion than with these chalkboard photo prop signs. There's Preschool through 8th grade all together in one pdf file so you can pick and choose the sign that's right for you.   I hope your last few days of summer are stress free and relaxed as can be. We hope to get a couple more lake days and a few more ice cream cones. If you use these signs for your kiddos I'd love for you to tag me on facebook , twitter or instagram.  

Happy Back to School !!!

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  1. these are so creative and ORIGINAL! Love them! Great job Sunny! Will be using these for my kids next week and will share their photos;-)


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