Monday, March 3, 2014

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party (Real Parties)


What girl doesn't love rainbow's and unicorns?  I have always been a bit infatuated with Unicorns, so when my friend Sheryl asked me to help with her daughters Rainbow Unicorn 10th birthday party I jumped at the chance. What could be more girly and magical and fun than rainbows and unicorns.  

 I love rainbows but wanted to take a slightly different approach to the typical rainbow theme. Since the birthday girl was turning 10 I thought the design should be upbeat, fun and a little bit funky. 

Doesn't she make a pretty unicorn?

The party girls crafty Momma made these adorable Unicorn horns for each girl.  She used the tutorial from Free Time Frolics and did such an awesome job.  For fun girly activities we painted nails and faces and played pin the tail on the unicorn.  

I made a rainbow cake with simple doodle style scroll work. I love to bake but am not fond of fondant, so I always try to find fun sweet ways to decorate without it.   

The only thing I didn't make on the dessert table were these amazingly adorable Unicorn cake pops made by the talented Autumn of Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins.  They were too beautiful to eat with beautiful glitter rainbow manes and sparkly gold horns. (please excuse my daughters Minecraft shirt in the background, I know it's not very unicornish)

I made chocolate cupcakes with a rainbow swirl butter cream wrapped in my rainbow doodle wrappers.  The cupcake toppers doubled as a cake topper as well.  

The "Rainbow Clouds" were just multicolored cotton candy, individually bagged for each guest. 

For the rainbow juice I used four different colors of HiC. You could use Koolaid or any juice really, as long as it's in the colors of your choice. 

The rainbow jello jigglers were just as fun to eat as it was they were to look at.  I used watermelon, lemon, blue raspberry and grape jello for our rainbow colors. I found the recipe for these at Must Have Mom.  But instead of doing all 6 colors as she did I just did four.  I really love this color combination, it turned out so pretty. 

The birthday girl requested rainbow rice krispy treats. This was my second time making them and I was much happier with my layers this time. These are super easy to make and so easy to transport.  They can even be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container (which is what I did).  

We had rainbow chocolate covered popcorn for "unicorn feed".  The popcorn was really bright and vibrant and delicious. Sadly you can't see it very well in any of my pictures. There's always one thing I miss. 

We also had Unicornoli's which were very easy to make and fit so well with the theme.  I used a pre-made cannoli shell to make it easier and quicker for assembly.  I drizzled colored melted chocolate over the shells and added pretty flower sprinkles.  This made the store bought item a little more personalized for the party. 

This was also my second time making a rainbow layer cake and I made the layers much thinner this time.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and so was the birthday girl and that's really what matters.  

Happy Birthday Alix

(and thanks)


Party Printables and styling: Sunny by Design
Photography: Sunny Duran
Cake and Sweets: Sunny Duran
Unicorn Cakepops: Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins
Unicorn Head Bands: Sheryl Downey

Unicorn Head Bands: Free Time Frolics
Rainbow Jello: Must Have Mom


  1. Such a sweet party - and I love the unicorn crowns and that flower bunting hanging on the dessert table!

    1. Thanks Keisha. The unicorn horns turned out so cute. The sweet girls Mommy made 20 of them.

  2. The unicorn cake pops were awesome! Such a cute theme! :)

    1. Thanks Nicole. Autumn made them and they were way too cute to even eat.


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