Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blast from the past Pet Shop party

Year ago in house far far away there was a sweet little Pet Shop party that started it all.  
It wasn't the prettiest party and it wasn't the coolest party but it was really fun and it's what started my party addiction.  

I've always been creative.  I've always loved to bake and I've always included my kids in every aspect of my life.  When my daughter asked for a Littlest Pet Shop party three years ago little did I know it would be the first step towards my eventual business and party planning addiction.  I must warn you though these pictures are very amateur.  None of this party is my best work but it's a great look at how far I've come and how happy my kids were no matter how awesomely styled the party was. Which is why I do what I do.  

Don't you love these labels?

We even did a craft.  Decorate your own Pet house.  Every child got a Pet and then they decorated their Chinese take out boxes with stickers and pipe cleaners.  It was sweet. 

We also had pet ears from Oriental Trading company.  That's where I got the boxes too. We still have those ears. 

I started something that day that I couldn't stop and I really don't want to.  I love the joy we get as a family planning every detail.  I love the look on their face when they see the cake I made.  I love memories we have of their special day.  Yes there a million things I would do differently today but I love looking back and seeing their sweet faces and my attempt at making their day one to remember.  So hope you enjoyed my blast from the past as much as I did seeing it all over again.  



  1. love it! I agree. I always look back and think darn, I should have done this or that. In the end it was "amazing" to our little ones and that is all I really need for validation;-)


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