Sunday, June 9, 2013

Free printable Splashy Birthday Card

We still have one more week of school here and we can't wait for summer to begin.  So when Marina got invited to a friends pool party she jumped at the chance. Normally she likes to draw her own adorably cute cards that take her hours upon hours, but today we were a little pressed for time and she asked me to make a card for her.  Well how can I say no to that?  I mean that's what I do. Which is why one hour before we had to leave I sat down at the computer and Marina told me exactly what she wanted the card to say and how it should look.  Since it was a pool party it had to say "Splashy" Birthday.  Get it instead of Happy Birthday.  Then we went from there.  

I think it turned out super cute and most of all Marina was all smiles.  She's so creative and I love including her ideas in my designs.  

I haven't shared a freebie in awhile so I thought this would be nice for any summer birthday.  Since my sweet little girl came up with the idea how can I keep it to myself.  So please feel free to download and use these for your own personal use and share the splashy love.   


  1. Oh my these are ADORABLE. What a sweet idea for a kid's party. I love the way you did the envelope as well!

    1. Thanks Jenni. We had fun coming up with it.

  2. This is really very good card for kids birthday. The children become very happy by this type of printable happy birthday cards. This is also very easy to make this type of cards.


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