Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prince and Princess Twins First birthday party (Real parties)

I just love when things come full circle.  I was recently asked by my friend Alicia to help her design and style her twins Sophie and Cameron's first birthday party.  What's so cool about this is that a little over a year ago I helped design her Thing one and Thing two baby shower. That's the party that was featured in papers nation wide.  So it kind holds a special spot for me.  

This day is also pretty significant for their family because these two sweet children were born with complications.  You can read all about their struggles and triumphs here at Alicia's blog. That made this day something to really celebrate. 

With twins Alicia thought that a prince and princes theme would fit them best, in light blues and pinks.  I've always wanted to do a prince or princess theme so I was really excited and I made all these grand plans.  I wanted to build a castle out of cardboard boxes(which we have plenty of thanks to our move) and design the table around  the whole castle theme with paper dolls of the prince and princess throughout.  We had so many wonderful plans but plans are only plans if you don't have time to implement them.  

  In the end I had family come to visit the week before the party, which was wonderful. We had such a great time, flying kites, making lollipops, visiting Gettysburg and DC.  But that left me two days to bake everything and get all the printables printed and cut.  I was literally cutting out the cupcake wrappers on the one hour car ride to the party.  So my dreams of castles and dragons went out the window. 

In the end I think it was perfect.  We met in the park and everyone was happy to get together and watch the two cuties smash cake all over each other and that's what really matters.   

Alicia found these adorable finger puppets from Carters to top off the cakes with.  I just love Carters.

 I gave Alicia these frames at her baby shower with a picture of the Cat in the Hat in them.  She told me that they still had those pictures and would like to replace them with something more age appropriate for Sophie and Cameron.  It was very surreal and sweet when I placed the picture in the frame. 

I designed prince and princess crown cupcake wrappers(the ones I cut out in the car:) and little flag cupcake toppers.  We had blueberry and strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.  

I made strawberry marshmallows, macarons and mini strawberry and blueberry trifles.  Yes I use these little jars a lot but they are so convenient when traveling and are the perfect little serving size.  I love little desserts.  

Thanks to my family visiting we had some delicious homemade lollipops made by my Step mom Rita.  We had a wonderful time learning how to make these which will be in a later post hopefully. 

Alicia made some yummy chocolate covered pretzels and served them in a her hand painted baby formula cans.  I'm all about being resourceful. 

There were also some fun crafts for the bigger kids. They got to decorate their own foam crown or sword.

He's got to be the cutest prince I've ever seen.  

The best part was watching these cuties smash my cakes.  Fun times and wonderful memories.  That's what parties are all about. 

Happy Birthday Princess Sophie and Prince Cameron!  

Hostess: Alicia Rhein
Printables and styling: Sunny by Design
Desserts: Sunny Duran and Alicia Rhein
Homemade Lollipops: Rita Michelin
Prince and princess finger puppets: Carters
Foam crowns and swords: Michaels


  1. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  2. Hi! I've been using your cute ideas for a couple months to get some of my own for my twin boy and girl's 1st birthday party. I came on this page a few days ago but the pictures won't show up. I thought it was just my phone but now on my laptop they're not showing up either :( I can go off of memory but I wanted to show my husband some of your cute stuff, and I wanted to show my aunt your cakes since she is making theirs and I loved the crowns on top. Anyway, I was just wondering if you somehow made the pictures private or if there is just something wrong with my computer/the blog ??? Can you email me pictures? ngodnick@gmail.com

    1. Hi Natalie, I'm so sorry for the pictures disappearing. My blog was hacked a few months ago and I lost a lot of pictures. It's taking me awhile to fix all the damage. Everything on this post is back up. Let me know if you need anything else and I hope your party is fabulous.


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