Saturday, May 25, 2013

Baby Animal Gender reveal party

We recently moved from Germany to Maryland but because the world (and the military) is such a small place we still stay in touch with many of our friends.  They fly through our area or are already living within close traveling distance because they just recently moved as well.  Making it not seem like we are really that far away from everyone.  

Moving was hard we lived in Germany for eight years so it was very much our home.  Anything that reminds me of it or my time spent there I cherish.  When my friend Mareisa asked me to help with a few decorations and the cake at her gender reveal party in DC I was happy to oblige.  Besides she was flying all the way from Germany with her husband so how I could I miss that.  

We started out by picking teams.  We decided on bows and hearts to show if we were on the boys or the girls team.  Mareisa's Mom who coordinated the shower found a way to incorporate these little team pins I designed into the party games.  In the end the person with the most pins won a prize.  

I designed a few printables to go along with the occasion.  Mareisa wanted baby animals but with a slightly nerdy feel and I think we accomplished that with argyle, glasses and a fez:)  I can honestly say I've never seen a nerdy baby animal party.  

I have seen these tea lights on the internet and think they are such a sweet and thoughtful way to remember the occasion.  For those that have not used them it's just a tea light in a bag for guests to take home and light when the baby is born.  The saying goes...
"This is a gift for you today
so when I'm born you'll light the way.
When that happy day is here, 
burn this candle and spread good cheer!"

I've got my candle ready to go.

With a baby animal theme what better way to say thank you than with chocolate covered animal crackers.  Yes I hand dipped each one in pink and blue chocolate.  It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would and my sweet little Mara helped me with the sprinkles.  Her little fingers are the perfect size for those tiny sprinkles.

Mara also helped me mix the fondant colors for the cake.  Not something I'd recommend for every 5 year old but she really wanted to and she did an amazing job.  Fondant is very similar to play-dough.   

Just like my last gender reveal cake I wanted a surprise inside.  I learned this techinique from Amanda Rettke at "i am baker".  Whose blog I adore.  If it was a girl I had planned to do a pink heart and if it was a boy a blue bow.  


Yay it's a bow, I mean a boy! Congratulations Mareisa and Wazi. 

To go along with the nerdy animal theme I created these photo props to play around with.

I told Mara to make a confused face.  This is just a cute face.  I don't think she can do anything else. 

 Dad is a big Dr. Who fan (and so am I). Fez's are cool. 

Overall we had such a great time.  It was awesome to see familiar faces and be able to talk like no time had passed. Hopefully this won't be the last time we get to do something like this.  

Congratulations Mareisa and Wazi!
Your little guy is going to be very cool.



Honoree's: Mareisa and Wazi Aguire
Party coordinating: Julena Felix
Decorations and cake: Sunny by Design (Sunny Duran)


  1. What a cute party. The props are adorable as well. Congratulations to your friends on their soon to arrive little guy.

  2. Thanks Madi. We had a lot of fun with it.

  3. Thank you so much Sunny for all of your hard work, especially the help of those little Mara fingers. Everything looked and tasted perfect!

    1. Thanks Mareisa I'm just so glad we got to be a part of the whole thing. I can't wait to see your sweet little boy.


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