Monday, August 6, 2012

Shrimp and Coconut milk

Yet another lovely recipe from my lovely Mother in Law, from Guam.  This is one of my favorite summertime dishes, well anytime dish is probably more like it.    I love shrimp and so do my kids but my pocket book doesn't really like shrimp that much, so we don't eat this nearly as often as I like.  This is perfect for summer though because it requires very little cooking time and it's a one pot dish.  

Finadene, a mixture of soysauce, vinegar and yum

 Finadene is one of the most flavorful and delicious things I've ever tasted.  It's a Guam, soy sauce and vinegar mixture that is to die for.  It goes really great with barbecued meats of any kind, and rice and even vegetables.  The only thing I haven't tried it on is ice cream and I'm sure it would be good there too.  There are probably a million and one ways to make Finadene.  Every family and really every person has their own recipe for it. Some people like it more spicy, some like it with tomatoes, some like it with cucumbers(one of my favorites), some like it with lemon juice instead of vinegar.  I've had it many ways and they are all good.  So I'd like to share a kind of base recipe as a jumping off point.  

Planes, tractors, and jewelry...

I love summer.  I love being able to just pick between any one of the random events that might be going on at any given time.  This weekend we got to go to a local airshow or flugplatz fest as they say in German.  It was small but ended up being a lot of fun.  My favorite part wasn't even the airplanes or the hot air balloons (but those were pretty cool).