Monday, April 2, 2012

Light it up Blue

I am lighting it up blue today for my not so little brother, my two wonderfully sweet boys and every other person out there living with autism.  I love both of my boys dearly and every time I think I have them figured out they surprise me with something new.  I vow to never limit my expectations of them because they have autism, but to encourage them to grow and become the amazing people that they will be. 

Happy Autism Awareness Day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Egg Time!

Every Easter since my kids were itty bitty I have always dyed Easter Eggs.  I've also carved Pumpkins at Halloween too but that is a different story.  Even before they could hold  a spoon I was letting them sit with me and watch or touch as I happily dyed Easter eggs.  I really think I do it more for me than them.  I constantly have to remind myself that their eggs do not have to look perfect and to keep my hands off.  Then I always leave a couple for myself so I can release my own creativity and be done with it.  This year I did things a little differently.  It all started with the Martha Stewart Egg Dying 101 app.