Thursday, December 27, 2012

We're Moving

It's official we are moving from Germany back to the USA! 

We're sad to be leaving our friends and the country we've grown to love, but we're happy to be closer to our family and friends in the states. When we leave this January we will have lived here just shy of 8 years and we've enjoyed every minute.  Our children don't realize yet what they'll be missing but I'm sure we'll find wonderful new adventures and friends in Maryland. Yes we are going to Maryland a beautiful state filled with culture, history and very close to a lot of really fun stuff.  I am trying to contain my excitement about being able to shop at large craft stores and Target and Walmart again and Starbucks. 

It's bitter sweet though because we love our life here and feel like we are leaving a part of ourselves behind.  So bear with me the next few months as our family makes this huge transition back to the states.  

Have a wonderful New Year!