Monday, December 3, 2012

A Real Princess Tea Party

What could be better than dressing up like a princess and sitting down to a traditional British tea?  Well for a five year old girl probably not much.  Unless she gets her nails and her hair done too.  Now that's the bees knees. I don't know of a better way to make a little girl feel like a princess for a day.  

This wonderful experience started at Sandy's Hair Styling Salon.  I have been getting my hair done here for years and love all the ladies at Sandy's.  Recently Sandy started offering Princess Tea Birthday parties at her salon.  Sounds fun, but did I mention Sandy is British?   If you visit her website or her salon you will notice right away.  So who better to through a tea party?  

This particular party was for Mara's best friend Emma.  Who has an incredibly crafty and creative Mom.  When we walked in the door Mara and Marina were given their princess accessories  a pink boa, pink tutu, and a crown. 

After some light refreshments the girls were whisked off to get their nails and hair done.

Of course Mara picked blue sparkle nails.  

Marina picked purple sparkle nails.  I wish my nails were as long as hers...sigh.

Then the girls got their hair done in pretty, sparkly up do's. 

Marina's hair was twisted with sparkly, shiny pipe cleaner type things. It was so fancy. 

Mara had braids with ribbon woven through, so sweet. 

I was amazed at how patiently the girls sat while the hair dressers worked their wonders.

Emma's hair turned out so cute too making her look like the perfect little birthday princess.

After getting prettied up the girls got to sit down to tea.  

There were lots of savory treats provided by Sandy.

Then lovely sweets made by Laura Collins of Lovely Cakes and Desserts.  Everything was so beautiful and tasted so yummy. There were vanilla bean and chocolate cupcakes, French macarons with strawberry and raspberry filling.  Adorable princess sugar cookies and a beautiful white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and pink ruffles. The girls and mums adored every bit of it. 

Sandy even pored the girls tea and gave them a quick class on proper tea time etiquette   It was so wonderful.  My favorite part was watching all those sweet little girls sipping tea and giggling and chatting.  It really was a wonderful experience.  

As a parting gift along with the boas, tutus, and crowns, Emma's mother Beth made these lovely fabric flowers for all of the girls.  Such a beautiful way to remember a beautiful time with friends. 

Event location, hair styling, nails and party styling: Sandy's Hair Styling Salon
Cake, French macarons, cupcakes and cookies: Lauren Collins of Lovely Cakes and Desserts.
Planner, hostess and stylist: Beth Hayes
Photography: Sunny Duran


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