Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink Ribbon

This month is Breast cancer awareness month.  If you have had or know someone that has breast cancer this is for you.  I currently have one dear friend and two family members fighting breast cancer at this moment.  Never has this month meant so much to me.  

The word cancer is such a scary word.  Most people either ignore it or steer away from it entirely. It's not something anyone wants to deal with.  However in these last few months I have come to respect it, fear it and be inspired by those that continue to fight it.  

To honor all of those wonderful woman, I made some simple tokens.  They are free and will hopefully help spread the word and show support for this amazing cause.  My heart goes out to you.  Spread the love. 


Find the free printables here


  1. How sweet! The cookies look yummy, are those free too? ;-)

  2. Of course they are. Not quite as good as my cheesecake though.


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