Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let the Minecraft party planning begin

Myles Birthday isn't until October but he has been adamant about having a Minecraft Birthday.  So for once I'm trying not to procrastinate and I've already gotten started.  If you have never heard of Minecraft then you will have no idea what these crazy looking block characters are.  If you have heard of Minecraft then you will probably recognize them and I'll show you were to find them.  

For those that haven't heard of Minecraft it is a video game that consists of building your own world.  I'm actually kind of a fan of it myself because it involves creating and building and mining and farming.  Everything is very basic but it challenges you to design and build and survive in your world. Yes there are monsters because it wouldn't be a challenge if you didn't have monsters.  

I love the old school pixelated appeal of this game and I'm really looking forward to designing a party around this theme.  

When I started looking around for Minecraft party ideas I stumbled on these cute little paper guys.  There is an entire website of them. Actually there are a few websites but the one I went with is called They have free downloadable templates for all the Minecraft characters and blocks.   

I printed these on white cardstock and used double stick tape and glue dots for assembling.  If you have anyone in your home that is a Minecraft fan I highly recommend printing some of these out.  It's kind of surreal to pretend play about a video game, but super fun.  These are just the beginning my kids have already put in their requests and I will be surprised if these survive until October with all of the play time they are already getting.  Enjoy your crafting.


Free downloadable templates for these cute guys can be found at


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Such a creative theme to work with.

  2. Amazing!!! My boys are CRAZY about Minecraft as well...I agree with you, it is a really neat thing. they build and create amazing things!


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