Monday, August 6, 2012

Planes, tractors, and jewelry...

I love summer.  I love being able to just pick between any one of the random events that might be going on at any given time.  This weekend we got to go to a local airshow or flugplatz fest as they say in German.  It was small but ended up being a lot of fun.  My favorite part wasn't even the airplanes or the hot air balloons (but those were pretty cool).  

It took all of my self control to let Myles eat his cake.  He let have a taste and after that I had force myself to put the spoon down, it was so good.  The top was a light and fluffy cheese cake and the bottom was a light and fluffy cake with fruit in the middle.  Yum.

I had a lovely Erdbeer Becher (strawberry cup)  with strawberry and vanilla ice cream with fresh cream and strawberries on top. It was good but not quite as good as Myles cake.  

After taking an ice cream and cake break, the girls noticed a jewelry stand.  The lady had beautiful necklaces with semi precious stones and a lot of bead work.  There were also these little bowls on the table with different colored beads in each bowl.  

We soon found that the beads were for making your own necklace.  She had me at make your own...

The girls got to choose an example necklace that they laid out on their board and then proceeded to place the beads onto the board to build their necklace.  

The lady, I wish I'd gotten her name, patiently helped Mara pick her beads and place them on the board.  

Once all of the beads were placed all they had to do was thread every single bead with their teeny tiny fingers.  Mara refused to let me help her at all.  She was so focused on threading those beads.  

Marina's beautiful creation.
Mara's lovely creation. 

My two sweet girls.

Even though I would have been happy with just the jewelry we also got to enjoy looking at gliders and planes...

Riding some rides...

Then we finished off the day with some beautiful hot air balloons.  

Yet another reason I love summer, lots of time to make wonderful memories. 

Happy Summer


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