Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chocolate Caramel Brownies, Wow!

Holy cow these were good.  Caramel and chocolate and brownies are such an amazing combination.  So rich and slightly salty and very sweet and gooey and did I mention amazing. Yes they were really good.  

I found this wonderful recipe on Six Sisters Stuff.  A really cute blog by you guessed it six sisters.  Filled with lots of great recipes, craft and diy ideas for the home.  I'm so glad I found all six of them.  

The original recipe called for pecans but omitted them because I didn't have them on hand.  I think it would have been wonderful either way.  I was really impressed with the creamy yet still a tad bit gooey texture of the caramel.  Such a great combination.  If you want to try them for yourself or would just like to visit the six sisters I highly recommend it.