Monday, July 30, 2012

Apple pie in July

I don't normally make pie in the summer time.  It's hot and the whole idea of a warm pie on a hot day doesn't appeal to me.  But my sweet Myles kept asking and asking and asking for apple pie.  The weather was unusually cool at the time so I said yes, I would be happy to make him some apple pie.  I bought a ton of granny smith apples to bake for my sweet little boy and then the weather changed.  It got hot.  Well hot for people that live in Germany with no air conditioning. I wanted to wait until the heat broke but it lasted for about a week and I knew our apples wouldn't make it much longer.  So I baked Myles apple pie in 90 degree weather with no air conditioning and lots of love and sweat.  

The results were lots of smiles, happy tummies and a very hot kitchen.  Since I had the pie ingredients out and I guess I wasn't sweaty enough I decided to try to make pie pops.  If you've never seen these adorable little confections they are basically pie on a stick. I found a very easy to follow tutorial at Bakerella (one of my favorite ladies).  I just made a little bit extra dough and a little bit extra filling ( I did dice the apples very small for the pie pop filling) and attempted to create something that would hopefully resemble a pie pop.

Well it didn't turn out as nice as Bakerella's.  It was a little bit messy and the crust was a little too thick, but it tasted pretty good and it looked like a pie pop.  This is something that I will definitely try again and again until I get it right.  I love the cuteness and the convenience of having it on a stick.  It's brilliant really to put something that is so messy into this tiny pocket of pastry goodness. There are also so many options with different fillings and flavors.  I hope that you are having a wonderful summer and if the heat breaks make some pie.  


Bakerella for her wonderful Pie Pop walkthrough.

My Apple Pie recipe.

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