Monday, June 4, 2012

Painted Sea Lilies

Last week I had the pleasure of painting faces for a ballet recital by Grace Studio.  The same Grace Studio that I recently did the Spring Showers baby shower for.   A couple of my friends have cute little girls that were going to be sea lilies and I was more than happy to pretty up their faces for the event.  I paint faces all the time for my kids and friends kids but this was the first time where I was actually asked to paint faces for an event.  Normally I just show up with my paints at friends birthdays and parties and they happily let me paint away.  Kind of like the phantom painter. 

This time my friend Laura asked me to paint all of the faces for her daughters ballet class.  There were a lot of girls but I lost count at 12.   I loved every minute of it.  I loved how their eyes lit up upon seeing their painted face.  I loved how excited they were to get dressed up and go on stage.  It was really fun to just see the entire production building before our eyes.  This was only one class out of about a bazillion dancers performing.

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay and watch the performance, but it looks like they did beautifully and I know their Mommy's couldn't be prouder of their little ballerina's.  I'm so glad I got to see them before the performance anyway.  

Two of the cutest Sea Lilies I've ever seen.  Wonderful job girls and wonderful job Mommies for all of your hard work coraling, dressing, hairdoing, and encouraging your little stars to shine.  Thanks for letting me play a small part in this lovely production.  

~ Sunny ~


Photography by Laura Scott

Ballet performance by Grace Studio

Face Painting by me(Sunny)


  1. really sweet Sunny! Brought tears to my eyes, as we are saying goodbye to dance this year after 14 years, as you saw on FB and IG.

    Love this little costume, she's adddoooooooooorable!

    1. Yes I did see that post. I know it must be hard, but I'm sure it made a huge impact on both of your lives and so it is not lost. These girls were all adorable the one you see in the pics is my friend Laura's daughter and she is cute as a button. Thanks as always for stopping by:)


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