Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello Kitty Ears tutorial

A long long time ago, well it seems like a long time ago, I made these Hello Kitty ears for my sweet Mara's 4th birthday party.  I wanted to post the tutorial then but things happened and time went by and now here I am three months later.  These are very easy to make and require very few materials.  In my book that makes them a wonderful party accessory.  The party was in January and Mara still to this day wears her ears on occasion when we go out.  Sometimes I forget that she is even wearing them and wonder why so many strangers are smiling and staring.  But who wouldn't smile at that adorable face?  Yes her older sister Marina wears them around the house still too.  I just love my girls.

For these you will need...

Two colors of felt


Hot glue or a very strong adhesive. 

My kitty ear template pattern

In this tutorial I used white felt for the ears and pink for the bow, but really you can use whatever colors you like.  

The very, very first step is to print out my kitty ear template pattern  and cut out each template, then trace the ears onto the white felt with a black marker.  Since I needed six sets of ears I tried to place as many as I could on one sheet of felt.  I think I got about four to five ears per felt sheet. While I was at it I also cut out the two bow template pieces and traced as many as I thought I would need onto the pink felt. I was able to fit all six bows onto one sheet of felt.  Then cut and cut all the felt pieces out.  

The next step is to place the first ear under the headband so that it runs through the middle of the ear.  Don't worry if some of your marker is showing it can be trimmed off later or won't show at all if you make sure it's on the inside.  

Carefully place some hot glue around half of the ear.  Then fold over the other half so that they overlap like so.  Yes I have a little bit of an over hang here but that can be easily fixed with scissors later.  

Once the ears are a little bit cooled scribble a line of hot glue on the bottom of the ear and place the Bow1 felt piece on top of it.  

Lastly dab a dot of hot glue to the middle of the Bow1 piece and then stick the Bow2 circle to it.  So it looks like this.  In the end you should have something that looks like this...

The hot glue makes these ears very durable and the stand up with no problem.  I paid more for the headbands than I did for the felt so they are very economical too.  In the end I did add some sparkly jewels that I had lying around to give them a little Bling. So that ends my tutorial on how to make felt Hello Kitty ears.  I hope you have a wonderfully Kittylicious day.

Sunny Kitty