Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thing 1 and Thing 2 themed baby shower

I recently had the pleasure of helping some friends with a Thing one and Thing two baby shower for twins.  I've always loved Dr. Seuss so I jumped at the chance. 

The challenge of this shower was that it had to take place within a week, since the Mother was leaving soon to be in the states due to complications with her pregnancy.  Thankfully I had lots of help from my friend Laura the mastermind behind this whole thing and I'm pretty happy with what we accomplished in such a short time.  

My first thought was Thing one and Thing two running through the house with kites.  So I wanted them to be part of the party.  I also knew that we couldn't hang anything from the walls or ceiling (and had no idea there were mirrors involved) so I decided to make the banner self supported with dowels in pots.  Sounds like Dr. Seuss already, kites in pots, up on top.  Thank you Laura for spray painting and assembling the dowels.  She did such a great job.       

There are millions of Dr. Seuss downloads and clip art online.  As one of my gifts and part of my table decorations I used some of the clip art from Cat in the hat and added a striped boarder to make it really pop.  The frame was actually an accident in DIY.  I wanted a white frame but couldn't find any, so I painted a red stained frame white and it just didn't look right.  Then I took some sand paper and proceeded to give it a weathered look, like it's what I meant to do the whole time.  I actually like this version better.  

Oh, and did I mention the shower was a surprise?  We used the ruse of bingo to lure our honored guest to the right spot.  Laura even posted a bingo sign on the door so there would be no hint to our covert baby shower activities.  

I didn't want to disappoint so I created Thing bingo cards.  I designed the cards (which had tons of mistakes) and then Laura punched out tons of red paper bingo chips.  This was a great shower game since we could play it several times over and had new winners each time.  

The winners received canvas bags with iron Dr. Seuss and Thing one and Thing two images.  I can't say enough how much I love printable iron on transfer paper.  I used it at my son Myles Star Wars Lego party for his Jedi T-shirts, which my kids still wear to this day.  I also used this paper to make personalized onesies for the babies to be and a special shirt for the Mommy.   

There are tons of wonderful parties all over the Internet so it was very easy to find inspiration for this party.  I have a Pinterest board just crammed full of them.  

The Beezelnut punch (which I think I spelled wrong)  came from a very cute party on Hostess with the Mostess.  The punch contains colored jello jigglers at the bottom, with sprite.  We really wanted to place colored ice cubes on top like we saw in the original party  but they got lost along the way.  It still looked cool  The fish in the dish is well just that.  Goldfish crackers in a glass bowl. 

 For the Green eggs and ham we served green egg salad with a tray of deli ham and rolls to make sandwiches.  Yes even green egg salad is yummy.  

For the dessert table we had Oreo cake pops which always go super fast and are super easy to make.  The Cat in the Hat Parfaits were strawberry cheesecake parfaits that I created off the top of my hat, I mean head.  The Thing one and Thing two cupcakes I've seen all over the Internet and I designed cupcake wrappers specifically for them.  The cupcakes are chocolate with bright blue buttercream piped crazily on top.  Then there was the cake.  

I actually made the cake myself.  I used fondant for the red stripes and royal icing dyed black to add the shading.  I see so many mistakes now but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I mean Dr. Seuss has a pretty messy style so the cake fit right in.  

Here is Alicia cutting the cake.  The wonderful Mommy to be.  


To thank everyone for coming Laura made adorable Thing one and Thing two sugar cookies which we placed in a bag and tied with little thank you notes I designed.  

Congrat's Alicia!!!


Laura for coordinating and planning and baking and cooking and paper cutting and assembly and the diaper cake (which was awesome).  

Hostess with the Mostess for posting such awesome inspirational parties.  

Alicia for being such a good sport and making us want to throw you this baby shower.  For those that don't know Alicia has a blog of her own about her special babies and her pregnancy.  Please check it out and share in her journey.  

Decorations and desserts were designed and created by me.  Except for the thank you cookies which the wonderful Laura made.