Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinkalicious inspired Birthday party

I recently had the pleasure of attending a delightfully pink and whimsical Pinkalicious Birthday party.  For those that don't know Pinkalicious is a book about an adorable little girl who loves to eat pink cupcakes.  She eats so many that one day she gets Pinkitis and turns pink.  I can't say anymore than that because I would hate to spoil the ending.  What little girl wouldn't love this book.  My friend Connie's daughter Evey does and wanted this pink, sweet theme for her party.  Thankfully Connie listened and threw her a beautiful handmade Pinkalicious 6th birthday party. 

Get ready for lots of pink!
The Table

When we were invited to attend this party I had no idea Connie was so talented and creative. You can imagine my delight when I walked up and saw this gorgeous table. I was just happy I had remembered to bring my camera and I started taking pictures of the decorations immediately. I wasn't the only one and many people stopped to ask Connie if she was a professional party stylist. I totally think she should be. So lets get down to the details.

The table was lined with beautiful paper pom topiaries in adorable pink bags with butterflies attached.  Connie got the idea for these from my Hello Kitty party and figured out how to make them by watching this video on Youtube.  Gosh I love Youtube.  I can't stress enough the amount of knowledge and the skills I've learned from that website.  From baking and cooking to crafts and computers it's the most useful resource out there. Well besides Pinterest but that's another story.  She also had beautiful pink potted violets along the table.  I love fresh flowers and feel there is no better way to brighten up a table.  The entire table felt very pink and bright and Spring like.  

One of my favorite things (though there were a lot of them) was the activity pages she lined the table with.  I also did this with my Hello Kitty party but Connie had the brilliant idea of putting the crayons in adorable glass mason jars decorated with coordinating Pinkalicious printables.  She found the activity pages at the Pinkalicious website, which is a wonderful website if you're a Pinkalicious fan or not.  The free Pinkalicious Printables can be found at a cute blog called which Connie discovered through Pinterest.  The Pinkalicious party there is adorable as well and packed with pink inspirations.

The Treats

No Pinkalicious or little girl party period is complete without crowns and fairy wands, oh and lots of glitter.  Connie cut out each pink tiara and blue crown by hand.  They turned out beautifully and my girls are still running around the house wearing them (a week later).  She found the template for the tiaras at the Think Pinkalicious website in the activities section.  The wands were completely Connies idea.  Pixy sticks topped with a star and ribbon.  What could make a wand any better than having it filled with sugar?    

The treat boxes were also Connie's creation.  She cut and folded each box herself and packed it full of yummy treats and cute toys. 

The Food

Always my most favorite part.

There were some of these. Salty, sweet and cute as a button Pretzel Buttons.  Connie also found these on Pinterest(my favorite place) which led her to a blog called "g*rated".  An adorable place with lots of craft and recipe ideas. 

And some of these.  Who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries?

There were lots of these.  No they are not cake pops, even better, Oreo Pops. Connie used my Oreo Truffle recipe and made them into Pop form.  People could not stop eating them, they were so delicious. 

There were also lots of these.  I made pink vanilla cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting in the style of Pinkalicious.  I think my favorite part was the cherry cordial M&M on top.  They taste like cherries but have a much better shelf life. 

Then there was a giant one of these.   I made a Pinkalicious cupcake cake (my first thank you).  It was strawberry with vanilla buttercream frosting, very pink and very yummy if I do say so myself.  I did not use a cupcake mold for the top part of the cake.  I just baked three 6" round cakes, stacked them and then carved them into the cupcake shape.  Deffinitely a learning experience and so fun.  I love playing with baked goods and my kids love eating the cake scraps. 

Over all the party was a huge success and such a joy to experience for the children and parents alike.  Thank you Connie and Evey. 

Happy Birthday Evey!

Party Styling and food: Connie Gingrich

Cake: Sunny Duran (Sunny by Design)

The inspiration for this party "Pinkalicious" by: Victoria Kann (such an adorable and inspiring book)
Activity sheets and tiara templates: Think

M&M Pretzel Buttons: g*

Free Pinkalicious Printables:

Paper Pom tutorial:  SupaFlowaPowa video on Youtube


  1. You did an amazing job!!! Don't you just love all the pink? And I'm so happy you were able to put my free printables to use.

    1. Kim, I'm glad you like the party. I didn't style this party I just did the cake and cupcakes. Your printables are adorable and complimented the party theme perfectly. So cute and so sweet.

    2. Oops! My mistake! That cake topper is amazing! I'm jealous of your skills. :)

    3. Thanks Kim. It's okay I do style parties and my real job is designing party printables, but my friend actually did this one and she let me show it here. She's very talented. The cake thing is kind of a hobby for me. Decorating cakes is far too much work to do full time.

  2. Hey, can you tell me what you printed the tiara template onto? Was that glittery foam? And, it looks like there are holes on the side with ribbon? Is that how they were tied onto the girls heads? Please help! THANKS!!

    1. Bri, my friend styled this party for her daughter and she told me that she used an image she found on under the activities section as a template to cut out each crown by hand. She had thin glitter foam board but I'm not sure where she found it. She did not print the template on there directly, just traced it and cut by hand. She did use ribbon tied to each side of the crown to tie around the girls heads. She also had large grommets attached to each hole so the foam wouldn't tear. Those can be bought in any craft store. I hope this helps.


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