Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Mother my inspiration

I was cleaning out my storage room yesterday and tucked away in a box with many other papers from my past I found this paper doll.  When I was a little girl my mother drew me this beautiful paper elf doll along with an entire wardrobe and a pet wolf.  Why would a little girl want a paper elf doll with a pet wolf you ask?  I was obsessed with a book called "ElfQuest" by Wendy and Richard Pini.  I guess now you would call it a graphic novel but to me it was just a gigantic comic book with absolutely beautiful illustrations. 

My mother is and always has been an incredible artist.  She is the one who taught me everything I know and continues to be an inspiration even when I least expect it. 

It started with an unassuming piece of notebook paper that was folded in half, tucked away in a box.  With this written in my Mom's handwriting.

I opened it and to my surprise I was 9 years old again.  I don't remember the exact age I was when I received these but I know I was old enough to not wreck it and treat it with care. 

In the pile of beautiful delicately illustrated papers was my elf friend and her wolf.

This was long before the age of mega marketing where every brand or book had their own line of toys and clothing.  It also means so much more knowing that my Mom spent countless hours drawing and cutting to make these beautiful works of art that no one else in the entire world would have. 

Along with the the doll came all of these beautiful clothes all inspired by the Elfquest book.  I was in love with these the first time I saw them and still feel the same way.

 Seeing these as an adult I can't help but admire the detail and craftsmanship that went into each one of these.  I have no idea how she cut out the clothing down to the tiniest flower and ragged edge.  It's amazing.

After browsing through these many times by myself and carefully with my daughters.  I began to evaluate myself.  I thought about my illustrations and my dedication to my children and realized my mother inspired so much of that long before I ever asspired to be a mother, let alone an artist.  Her example and her love has brought me to where I am today.  I know I will never be as good as her in either department but if I can even come close it will make my heart happy.  I love you Mom. "sniff" 

All illustrations by Carol Haggard (my Mom) "sniff, sniff" 
inspired by the Elf Quest series by Wendy and Richard Pini. 


  1. How beautiful! Your mom is indeed a special lady - as are you!

  2. Wow! Your Mom is amazingly talented. The drawings and outfits are so detailed and perfect. How lucky you are. Not only for the fact she made them, but also because they are preserved so wonderfully! I love this post. :)

  3. Thanks Debbie. I was really tearing up at the end there.

  4. Sunny, those are amazing. I bet Mariah would be very interested in doing something like that. Your mama sure is talented!

  5. Wow, Sunny! What an awesome story and tangible thing to cherish from your mom. The artistry is beautiful and so is her daughter!



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