Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paper purses

What is cuter than a paper purse?  Well maybe a paper purse filled with tiny little goodies and a cute little girl holding it.  These little purses were the treat bags for my daughters birthday party, but with Valentines day just around the corner these would make the perfect Valentine treat bags or birthday treat bags or tiny gift bags.  Just take your pick.

To start this you will need...
The purse and purse strap template
8.5x11 white cardstock or photo paper (the amount depends on how many purses you wish to make)
double sided tape
large brads (optional)
medium hole punch (optional)

First download the purse and purse strap templates and print them out on white cardstock or photo paper.  The purse download has one per page and the purse strap download has 7 per page.  Then cut them out.  Next comes the hardest part.

Fold over the 2 bottom and 4 side flaps of the purse as seen in the picture.  This is so you can easily tape the sides and bottom together.  I started with the bottom smaller flaps first and then did the side flaps, but it really doesn't matter what order you go in. 

Next apply double sided tape to the pink side of the bottom flap as shown in the top picture (confused yet).  Then apply double sided tape to the inside of all four side flaps as shown in the bottom picture.  I know the tape is hard to see on the white, but what's important is that you apply it to the white unprinted side of the side flaps.  Wow, did that sound confusing?  Don't worry things will start to come together in the next part.

Once you have the tape applied gently overlap the side flaps making sure the bottom flap is tucked inside. To make sure everything lined up evenly I aligned the top of the side flaps as seen in the top picture.

The next step is optional.  I originally created these with the purse strap taped with double sided tape to the purse and it worked just fine.  However when I found brads that were the exact same color as my purses I had to use them.  Then the purse was cute and functional and you can't beat that. 

To apply the purse strap with brads punch a hole using a medium hole punch in the purse on both sides.  Then punch a hole on both ends of the purse strap.  Insert the brad into the purse strap end and then attach it to the purse. 

Fold over the back prongs of the brad to secure it and "Shazam" you've got a paper purse. 

How sturdy is it you say? We had no problems filling it full of candy and treats. My daughter even carried hers around for the entire week before the party loaded down with her little toys. So I'm very confident that these will hold up.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments section or email me directly. 

Happy Valentines Day! 


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    1. Thanks Madga. Nice to see you here. I didn't know you had a blog? Cool.

  2. hi sunny super like this paper purses i gonna make it for my daugther's party can i have the blue on also please thank you so much for sharring realy helpfull

    1. Hi Ana, I'd be happy to help you. It would be easier to discuss this through email, so if you could email that would be great. My email is

  3. Thanks for share this awesome purse..


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