Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oreo Cake Hearts

These cute Oreo hearts couldn't be any easier.  If you're not a baker or even if you are these are the perfect sweet treat for any Valentine occasion.

Here's what you'll need...

1 box Oreo Cakesters

1 pkg. White Chocolate chips

1Tbsp shortening

(a heart shaped cookie cutter)

I almost didn't post a recipe for this because they are so simple, but the pictures came out so cute that I just had to post them.  I found this idea on where else but Pinterest.  My absolute favorite place to look for ideas of any kind.  Which led me to "So Stinkin Cute", and yes the blog is "stinkin cute".  I'm so glad I found it.

This is going to be short so don't blink.  First cut out a heart shape from the Oreo Cakester.  I stored all the scraps in a bowl for a treat for my kids.  They were happy just to have that. 

Place the hearts on waxed paper to make clean up easier.  Then melt the white chocolate chips with the shortening and place it in a plastic Ziploc bag.  Lastly snip the tip off and drizzled lovely white chocolate all over your hearts.  Yum.  The hardest part is letting them sit for 10 minutes to cool.  Then serve. 


So Stinkin Cute for sharing such an ingenious idea.

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