Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marshmallow Heart Pops

Nothing says Valentines like red hearts.  Now if they are marshmallow filled and on a stick well that's even better.  These are so easy and super cute.  I know I say that all the time but I mean it just the same. 

Here's what you'll need...


Two packages of Peeps hearts(any flavor)*

18 lollipop sticks

1 bag of red candy melts **
(or another color if like)

*If you can't find peeps then regular marshmallows can be substituted. 

**If you can't find candy melts your can easily substitute with white chocolate chips and a Tablespoon of shortening, then dye them whatever color you like.

This recipe makes 18 pops. 

Anyone that knows me knows I love to coat things in chocolate. It's the best way to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. I know there are many places that you can buy chocolate hearts, but with this recipe you can choose the color and the flavors so I think it's just great. The marshmallows don't have to be hearts either. They can be real marshmallows or peeps of any shape or flavor. The possibilities are endless. So let's get started. 

 First melt the chocolate pieces in the microwave.  The method that works best for me is to place them in a microwave safe bowl and let them cook on high for 30 seconds.  Then remove them and stir.  Cook them for another 20 seconds and stir.  Then Cook for 10-15 second intervals taking them out to stir each time.  Repeat the 10 min intervals until the chocolate is smooth and creamy.  This will prevent your chocolate from seizing up or burning and it will turn out nice and creamy and beautiful.   

Next poke a hole into the marshmallow with a lollipop stick. Then dip the stick into the chocolate and insert back into the marshmallow.  Let it sit for a about 1 minute to harden.  This will keep your marshmallow on the stick when you dip it in the chocolate.  (It's the same method used for cake pops)  They actually look cute just like this.  It's a shame to cover them up. 

Wow so much red here it's making me feel all Valentiney. I love it.  

Next dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate covering all sides.  If you have to use a spoon to kind of help the process that's fine too.  Once you have the marshmallow covered gently tap it on the edge of the bowl to remove the excess.  This part takes a little while.  I try to tap it until there are no more drips left but sometimes I get impatient.  Then lay the pops down on wax paper to cool. 

I give you my heart! 

 Happy Valentines Day!

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