Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't forget the teachers

With school starting I always try to make my kids first day extra special.  But don't forget the teachers.  I know they are working hard and have been working hard for weeks to get ready for this one day.  So this year I made mini apple bread loaves and gave them to each teacher with a recipe card in a simple decorative bag.  It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

Grandma Porter's Apple Bread

I wanted to make something for the new teachers that are about to enter our lives and what better way to say hello than with fresh apple bread.  If you don't like apples and moist chewy goodness then don't make this bread.  I grew up eating this apple, cinnamon confection and have always loved it.  My Grandmother made it for me and now I make if for my kids and hopefully they will carry on the tradition someday.  This recipe comes from my Great Grandmother Porter who was a farmer's wife in Texas and based on this recipe alone I would say she was an excellent cook.  

Mini Notebooks

I created these teeny tiny notebooks to use as treat bag favors.  They have turned into much more than that.  They are great for doodling, thank you notes, gift tags and of course teeny tiny stationary sets.  There are so many possibilities.