Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The White Rabbit is coming!

Wonderland sale until August {40% off}
I created some Alice themed party decorations a while ago.  I love them dearly but I had always intended to include the white rabbit somewhere on the decorations.  It never happened due to time constraints.  We are planning on having a tea party the end of this month and I've decided to finally add the white rabbit to the Alice decorations.  Here's a preview of the rabbit and I think he's adorable.  However this means the original door mouse will be leaving.  I don't plan to post the new Alice line until the beginning of August.  So if you like the current one you need to grab it now.  I've discounted all the Alice items in the store until August in honor of the doormouse.

Just starting out!

So this is the beginning of my blog.  If you're reading this thanks for your support.  This is just a place to share ideas and crafts and food and beautiful party inspirations.