Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trick or treat

Give me something good to eat! 
To get some pictures of my new Halloween party line we celebrated Halloween early this year.  My kids were so excited about the party they told everyone they knew so our little party grew and grew (oops I slipped into Dr. Seuss there).  We had a wonderful time eating lots of yummy treats and dressing in adorable costumes.  

lots of treats

of course there were cupcakes

My genie Marina with a cupcake, she didn't need an excuse to play dress up or to eat cupcakes.

My sweet little Mara kitty had a wonderful time and was happy to find a reason to wear her kitty suit.  She probably won't take it off until sometime after Halloween. 

and eyeballs?

We also had Oreo Eyeballs, which I made out of Oreo cookie balls with a dab of frosting and an M&M on top.  A little crazy looking but very delicious.  Who knew you could make eyeballs out of Oreos?

There were also Pumpkin Whoopie pies.  If you've never had a whoopie pie I highly recommend it.  They are delicious little cake sandwiches with a fluffy, creamy filling.  I was hesitant of the chocolate, pumpkin combination but it worked beautifully.  Thank you Martha Stewart for this wonderful recipe.

There were also candy gummy worms (my kids favorite).  There's always room for gummy candy.

We also had caramel apples drizzled in white chocolate with cute purple striped flags that I made from my coordinating paper. 

For a fun Halloween party mix I threw together popcorn, M&M's and candy corn.  The salty and sweet combo was perfect.  If you ate the candy corn and popcorn together they tasted like caramel corn.  Yum.  I think the kids just loved having their own little bag to carry around, it didn't really matter what was in it.

For the adults I added my favorite Artichoke dip that surprisingly fits the Halloween theme perfectly. 

We of course had to wash it all down with some "Boo Juice".  Milk seemed to be the best fit for the Boo juice and helped cut all the sweetness of the day. 

I designed some cute napkin ring holders for the occasion.

With the coordinating paper from the party I also created mini banners to accent our table. 

For the center piece I used a tree branch from our yard and attached my favorite paper flowers with glue dots.  I've seen this on many party sites and have always wanted to try it.  The pattern and templates for these flowers and flags can be found in my etsy shop

I used a bat tissue-paper garland to make our fence look a little spookier.  It was super easy to make but very delicate. Yet another Martha Stewart inspired craft that I love.  To make these you just draw a bat on a folded set of black tissue paper and cut.  Then you unfold the bats and connect the chains together to make one long chain.  Very easy and it can be done with any color of tissue paper. 

We had such a wonderful time at our Halloween party and I hope there was some little tidbit or idea here that might help you with your own party. 

Credit goes to Martha for all the wonderful party ideas.  Her website is such a great resource for recipes and crafts.

You can find all of my Halloween party printables in my Etsy shop.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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