Monday, August 1, 2011

Wonderland Tea Party

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Well our Wonderland tea party has come and gone and it was so much fun. The weather was overcast but it didn't rain so we managed just fine.  There were crafts and games and lots of yummy food.  We of course had fairy cakes as the Brits call them.  I love saying fairy cakes much more than cupcakes anyday. It sounds so delicate and sweet just like cupcakes should always be. 

The spread included lots of yummy little finger foods.  The scones weren't so little but still very yummy.  They were served with traditional clotted cream and jam(It turns out clotted cream tastes good on many more things than just scones).  Like these apple tartlets my friend Megan brought.  They were amazing thanks Megan.

We also had cucumber sandwiches and to my surprise they were a huge hit.  I kept making more and they just kept disapearing.  They were super easy to make.  I also love the "Eat me" toothpick flags I made for them.  They worked perfectly and were so cute. 

We also used the flags on our Caprese Salad bites.  It looked just like the tomatoes were celebrating right along with us.  This was a very easy recipe and fun to eat. 

I created new large drink label tags for the drink pitchers.  It made it so much easier to lable the drinks without worry about knocking over labels on the table.  It also made the pitchers look so pretty.  While doing research online for this party I discovered the use of Frapaccinno bottles.  I used them throughout the entire party.  All you need to do is drink the Frapaccinno and clean the bottles and they are ready for use.  I also discovered these adorable paper straws from The Sugar Diva.  They held up really well and were so cute. 

Every party goer also recived a homemade treat bag complete with a homemade notebook.  I had so much fun making these little notebooks that I plan to use them for much more than just this party.  We made several crafts too so there would be more than just treat bags to take home. 

The girls made flower and butterfly headbands when they first arrived at the party. See Anna with her beautiful homemade headband. (please ignore the toys in the background, we did the crafts in our play room:)  I used a bunch of Martha Stewart adhesive flower and butterfly stickers to let the girls decorate and they all turned out beautifully. 

Our patio was decorated with homemade banners and paper poms. 
Here is a mini version of the paper poms.  It turned out really cute.

Miss Madisyn looking super cute.
Taylor one of our sweet party guests looking so adorable. 
After eating and socializing a bit we did my favorite craft "Painting the Roses Red".  The paper flowers they painted I made ahead of time from white cardstock.  It worked brilliantly and was a wonderful keepsake.
My sweet girl Marina with her finished masterpiece.
 No the flowers didn't really look like roses and none of them turned out red, but they were much more interesting this way. 

I designed these and printed them myself and hung them
directly on the trees.  Sorry trees.
Along with the crafts we played a couple games, "Search for the White Rabbit" and "Mad Hatter Marshmallow Toss".  For the white rabbit hunt I hid paper discs with images of the white rabbit throughout our yard and the Tulgey Wood.  It was quick and easy and gave the kids a reason to run around the yard.  

From left to right Bryant(our neighbor and buddy), Marcus, and Myles(my two boys)
For the "Mad Hatter Marshmallow toss"  two of the older boys aka. Mad Hatters kneeled down and let everyone else throw marshmallows into thier open top Mad Hatter hats. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of this but here you can see the boys cheesing with thier super cool hats.  I made each hat out of three pieces of 12x12 cardstock.  Not super easy but very cute in the end.  They worked out perfectly and here is the tutorial.

A group pic of all the pretty ladies at our Wonderland Tea Party. They were all so sweet.

Credits and thanks:
Thank you everyone for enjoying the day with us.  We had such a great time. 
Thank you Tony(my wonderful husband) for all of your help.  No party is ever complete or would ever get finished on time without you.
Thanks Megan for the lovely tartelts.  Yummy as always.
Paper straws were purchased from The Sugar Diva
Flower and Butterfly stickers were purchased from Martha Stewart which can be found online or in stores.

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