Saturday, August 20, 2011

Schultute (School cones)

Last year my daughter Marina entered 1st grade.  Her teacher had these cones hanging from the ceiling in their classroom.  There was one for each child and they were filled with treats and school supplies.  I thought it was the sweetest thing. 

The schultute or school cone as it translates from German is a tradition for 1st graders.  In Germany on the first day of school the parents give them a gigantic cone filled with goodies, school supplies, candy, and toys. 

I've always looked for ways to make the transitioning back to school easier for my kids and this is such a sweet and thoughtful way to do it.  Even though the tradition is for only 1st graders I can't leave any of my kids out.  With one going to preschool and one going to kindergarten there are many firsts happening so I figured I better just make one for everyone. 

The traditional cone is very large, about the size of poster board. With four kids I knew I couldn't aford to fill that many gigantic cones so I decided to make them smaller.   

What you need
The materials you will need for this are:
cardstock 12x12
1 piece of tissue paper
double sided tape
decorative scissors
and little sweets, treats and school supplies to fill it up

Step 1

First take a little bit of tape and put it on your cardstock about halfway up and the blank side and on one corner.  These will hold the paper together while you fold and cut.  Roll the paper into a cone starting at the corner you taped.  Then cut along the top edge with scissors making it straight.  My edge is wavy because I used scissors with a wavy edge. 

Step 2

 Next unroll the cone and place tape along the top edge and one side.  Then take your tissue paper and fold it in half and attach it too the top edge of the cone like in the picture. 

Step 3
Then roll up the cone and paper with the paper sticking out of the end like this.

Take all your goodies and treats and place them in the cone.  I have bubbles, school supplies, a super bouncy ball, and candy of course. 

Step 4
Finally take your ribbon and tie the end closed and voila you have a cute treat cone/ schultute. 


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  1. This is a great idea. It would be great as a party favor or even classmates gifts during Christmas or Valentines Day. I love how easy it is to make.


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