Monday, August 29, 2011

Mini Notebooks

I created these teeny tiny notebooks to use as treat bag favors.  They have turned into much more than that.  They are great for doodling, thank you notes, gift tags and of course teeny tiny stationary sets.  There are so many possibilities.

What you'll need:
8.5x 11" piece of cardstock*
4 sheets of plain 8.5x 11" printer paper
*You can download the cover design in pink here and in blue here. Just download and print on white cardstock. The pages are also available here.

step 1 cut it out

First cut out four even rectangles from the cardstock.  I used my own pattern but you can use any 8.5x11 cardstock.  As long as the rectangles are 4.25x 5.5".  Then fold each rectangle at the middle creating the cover of the notebook.  The end result will be a 2.25x4.25" card. 

step 2
Then either print out four sheets of my notebook pages or draw your own lines on some white printer paper creating four 4.25x5.5" rectangles.  Cut out the rectangles and put them in stacks of four. 

step 3
Next fold the stack of pages in half.  It will be the same size as the cover and you should now have 8 pages all together. 

step 4
Then open the cover and pages up and place the cover on top.  Staple the middle fold making sure it goes all the way through the cover and all the pages.  As seen in the picture below.   

And then you'r done...

Such an easy way to make teeny tiny notebooks for friends, family, aquiantances and guests.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

The download for the cover and pages are again available here:
pink cover
blue cover

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