Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School

It's Back to School at Sunnyprints
It's hard to believe school is almost here.  I've put together a new line of "Back to School" printables, perfect for gifts, labels, place settings and as always cupcakes. 

As a back to school promotion these flags are a free.  You can
download them here if you like.
I used the small flags for pencil toppers but they are perfect for labeling books, lunches and folders too. These are blank and can easily be filled in by hand and attached wherever you're heart desires.

I did use these tokens for cupcake toppers but they can easily be used as gift tags, note tags, card embellishments, and pencil toppers.  There are so many possibilities here.

  When I made these labels I pictured the first day of school when every child wanders around looking for thier spot or desk with thier name on it.  What better way to display thier name and make them feel special.  These don't have to be limited to the desk they can also be used to label books or cubbies too.  These tent labels are available in my shop with or without writing. 

It might be a bit too much but I couldn't resist making notebook paper cupcake wrappers(say that fast ten times).  They fit perfectly with the Back to School theme.  A great back to school snack with my chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  It even made my kids excited to go back to school. 

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